Other Leather collections

Other Leather collections

A category more than a collection that includes a variety of leathers (out of "Leather MC Originals") which can be used for our MC Originals models.

This collection belongs to MC Originals
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100% Leather


100% Leather

Elmorustical 02067Elmorustical 08006Elmorustical 12114Elmorustical 22679Elmorustical 33286Elmorustical 43236Elmorustical 43632Elmorustical 44007Elmorustical 53014Elmorustical 53069Elmorustical 55063Elmorustical 71004Elmorustical 77020Elmorustical 77020Elmorustical 91089Elmorustical 93287Elmorustical 93327Elmorustical 95024Elmorustical 97054Elmorustical 98953Elmorustical 99991


100% Leather

Elmotique 03028Elmotique 04010Elmotique 05025Elmotique 11023Elmotique 13033Elmotique 17020Elmotique 43024Elmotique 43807Elmotique 45011Elmotique 48027Elmotique 77875Elmotique 91059Elmotique 93021Elmotique 93718Elmotique 93957Elmotique 95947Elmotique 97026Elmotique 99001


100% chrome free leather

Elmosoft 00100Elmosoft 99999Elmosoft 98015Elmosoft 97038Elmosoft 95122Elmosoft 95006Elmosoft 93129Elmosoft 93068Elmosoft 88009Elmosoft 87088Elmosoft 78012Elmosoft 77158Elmosoft 77127Elmosoft 77030Elmosoft 76025Elmosoft 71017Elmosoft 66022Elmosoft 57349Elmosoft 57019Elmosoft 55148Elmosoft 55002Elmosoft 54035Elmosoft 45065Elmosoft 45016Elmosoft 44066Elmosoft 44026Elmosoft 44005Elmosoft 43031Elmosoft 35126Elmosoft 33004Elmosoft 33001Elmosoft 22030Elmosoft 17027Elmosoft 13078Elmosoft 13072Elmosoft 13064Elmosoft 13060Elmosoft 13053Elmosoft 13041Elmosoft 12080Elmosoft 12074Elmosoft 11054Elmosoft 11049Elmosoft 08017Elmosoft 08005Elmosoft 07075Elmosoft 07068Elmosoft 07032Elmosoft 06026Elmosoft 05011Elmosoft 05007Elmosoft 04054Elmosoft 04012Elmosoft 02048Elmosoft 02020Elmosoft 01061Elmosoft 01040Elmosoft 01037Elmosoft 01003Elmosoft 00109
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This top-grain cattle leather offers a velvet-like surface, very soft to the touch. Marie's Corner provides up to 63 tones of nubuck to covering your seats

100% Leather

Nubuck PapayeNubuck OrangeNubuck PimentoNubuck Jaune AlNubuck PailleNubuck SafranNubuck TournesolNubuck SoleilNubuck MyrtilleNubuck FuschiaNubuck Vieux RoseNubuck GriotteNubuck FeuNubuck OperaNubuck RubisNubuck BourgogneNubuck LilasNubuck CassisNubuck FlamencoNubuck PoisonNubuck MyrtheNubuck MedocNubuck NoirNubuck BlancNubuck Vert DeauNubuck TurquoiseNubuck CielNubuck CelesteNubuck DanubeNubuck AzurNubuck NavyNubuck SmokeNubuck AmandeNubuck PistacheNubuck FeuillageNubuck BronzeNubuck EcussonNubuck OrmeNubuck EucalyptusNubuck ThuyaNubuck EcumeNubuck ArgentNubuck FacadeNubuck AnthraciteNubuck CarboneNubuck FalaiseNubuck PerleNubuck TerreNubuck PoudreNubuck BicheNubuck GlaizeNubuck Feuille MorteNubuck PompeiNubuck ChataigneNubuck FaonNubuck PoussiereNubuck CaramelNubuck CaribouNubuck RocherNubuck TaupeNubuck EcorceNubuck SangriaNubuck Cafe
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100% Leather

Oldson WhiteOldson CognacOldson Dark Brown
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Sheep-skin is only available for following Models as finished product : Anniston Sheep armchair, Bag sheep pouf, Collin Sheep pouf, Duke Sheep chair, Pierson Sheep Chair.

100% Sheep wool
Made in Australia

Sheep Short

100% Sheep wool

Sheep Short BlackSheep Short CoffeeSheep Short Off WhiteSheep Short SaharaSheep Short Anthracite

Sheep Long

100% Sheep wool

Sheep Long AnthraciteSheep Long Off WhiteSheep Long Sahara
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Key components

AFOther FibersMMohairRAYRayon
CCCombed CottonMEMetalSRSpun Rayon
CLYLyocellNWONew WoolTRTextiles Residues
CTATriacetateOROrganic CottonWAAngora
CVViscosePAPPaperWKCamel Hair
HHempPIPost industrial recycled polyesterWPAlpaca
HEHelancaPSPolyesterWVVirgin Wool
JUJuttePVCPolyvinyl Chloride

Note :

  • Color tones of fabrics (or leathers) presented on the website are just indicatives and are not contractual.
  • Leather calculation : 1 m fabric = 2 m2 leather.