Decorative trends for this Winter 2021

The decorative trends for autumn-winter 2021-2022 season lie in warm and comforting colours, natural materials, graphic lines, comfy and fluffy sofas… Here’s a look at the new trends for this season.

Marie's Corner Blog Deco Trends Winter 2021 Key Colours

The key colours for autumn-winter

Autumn-winter means warm and comforting colours. And yet! This year, lots of bright and clear colours are seen on social media, such as white grey or skyblue. While our sofas love the elegance of light grey, our decorative objects are stylishly displayed in colours. Winter is synonymous with cold, but we can’t escape autumnal decoration and the friendly colours that warm our interiors. This year, the ever-popular terracotta will be joined by rich, earthy colours such as shades of red, pink, orange and brown, as stated by Madetrade Magazine. Vases, armchairs and cushions are getting a boost of warmth in this new season with this palette of deep colours that makes us feel good

The importance of a natural presence

Natural materials such as rattan, cane, jute, and bamboo have long been the “must have”. However, for the winter season, a newcomer has joined the gang of natural materials to be integrated into the home: raffia. Whether it’s a mirror, flower pot, lampshade, furniture or wall decoration: raffia is seducing and invading the world of decoration, as said in Clozette. Regarding velvet, it never goes out of fashion. On a cushion or a sofa, it is particularly appreciated in its ribbed appearance, corduroy.

Marie's Corner Blog Deco Trends Winter 2021 Importance Natural Presence
Marie's Corner Blog Deco Trends Winter 2021 Importance Natural Presence 2

The timeless decorating element that is still going strong? Wood. Although it can be enjoyed in all its forms, it is the darker, rougher wood that is found in the kitchen and in decoration must-haves this season, according to e-times.

In this new autumn-winter season, creamy white and mustard yellow sofas are parading around the living room but it can also be enjoyed in earthy shades such as brown. The chic of the chic this season? The grey or midnight blue sofa. On the textile side, velvet and curly wool continue to seduce us and make us fall in love, as seen in Flair. The promise of a trendy, pleasant and comforting winter season.

Marie's Corner Blog Deco Trends Winter 2021 Importance Natural Presence 3
Marie's Corner Blog Deco Trends Winter 2021 Abstract Lines And Stroke

Abstract lines and strokes

While the Face Line Art trend continues to bring our decorative objects to life with faces and silhouettes, as seen all over Pinterest, the winter season is also defined by much more abstract lines and strokes. Tableware, vases, cushions and plaids are redesigning our homes with several strokes of abstract lines and strokes, straight or curvilinear, to create an arty and graphically pleasing decor.