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Whether you like it massive or discreet, the coffee table remains a valuable centre piece of your interior design. As our new collection starts filling the trendiest of spaces, we’d like to focus on this underrated item that can beautify your living room, boudoir or any other room that calls for intimacy and possibly, a coffee break. To give you deeper insight on how to choose a coffee table, we have paired our best pieces with the sofa or the chair amongst our collections that manages to bring out their singularities.

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LUNA spark

Is there a large space opposite your sofa that is desperetaly longing for some good company?

We’ve got just what it needs! Made to integrate a large environment, our new LUNA coffee table is a bit of a show-stealer, with its two circular feet, shaped after a quarter moon.

A design prowess that never fails to create a WOW effect for anyone who ventures a stare… In a Cognac or an Ebony colour, it declines itself it two formats: 160cm and 180cm.

As a great table needs a great sofa, we suggest you match it with a seating option that respects its need of space. In our collections, we’ve naturally thought of the BRANSON or our brand new GARLAND sectionals.


A super practical pedestal table, the CALA, fresh out of our new collection 2021, plays along your set-up nicely, happy with to be an extra in the hot scenario starring our BUTLER swivel chair. But not just any extra. One that charms the main character and becomes a genuine asset in his life story. Placing this round and light sidetable next to a stylish armchair is not only a treat for the eye, it also visually states the obvious: we all need a helpful ally by our side.
If it has the shape of the CALA, just seize the opportunity! The CALA pedestal table comes in two colours: Cognac and Ebony.

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The SOTO always hits twice

Under its square looks, the SOTO is not afraid to show some unpredicted versatility. Whether in a Cognac or an Ebony tone, it confidently establishes its quarters in front of your sofa and always comes with a plus one.

Perfect when paired with a large sofa, we particularly adore a couple of SOTOs when they team up with our majestic VIRGINIA. SOTO’s retro look blends in wonderfully with the fabric of this sectional sofa, that echoes the whole vintage vibe of this coffee table. Place both SOTOs side to side, either stuck to each other, either slightly separated or go all out and create singularity in the middle of your living room by setting them in a diagonal line, making one edge meet.

A very precious PEBBLE

Three sizes, that’s what this pebble-shaped coffee table offers you in its immense generosity. But that’s not all: get all three formats and observe the room gain in dynamics and flexibility. Make your PEBBLEs overlap to structure the space and give it some depth. Got people over?

No problem! Flexibility is yet another asset of this unusual coffee table. Separate your PEBBLEs as you please and allow your guests to roam freely around the epicenter of your event. As it blossoms in large spaces, the PEBBLE trio is a perfect fit for a sectional sofa set-up.

Give it the BRANSON or our brand new BRADLEY sectionals if your living room gives you space to play with. In smaller settings, adopt only one of the PEBBLEs, two at the most, and pair them with the HAMLET for a stunning tableau.

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Rock it with the BOOWIE

Got things to put somewhere? Prefererably close to you, while you’re enjoying a relaxing moment?

We perfectly get that, and that is why we had to introduce to you our BOOWIE sidetable. Get a couple of them and place them to the side of your seating area, creating for yourself the garanteed comfort of having things at hand at all times.

Whether it’s your TV-dinner, afternoon coffee or pile of magazines, the BOOWIE coffee table shows willingness to help in all occasions and is happy to stay close.

A classic that never disappoints: AXO

Want to play Tetris with your furniture? We created the coffee tables you need to slot together the pieces of a visual stunt. Three versions of this AXO table – a large one, and two sidetables of different heights – are putting style and comfort at hand for you to grab and handle according to your mood.

Embed a large AXO with a smaller one to uncover some relief in the room. Enjoy a third one of these, placing it next to your sofa, as a very useful sidetable. The AXO comes marbled and in a choice of five different colours, some matte, some shiny or even smoked. Combine the tones to make them pop and enhance the edginess of this sleek coffee table.

Our advise: on a set of three AXOs, choose a large and a smaller one the same colour, and get the third one in another tone. We love them paired with our HOLLYWOOD sofa or even our super trendy VEGAS.

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