All Marie’s Corner seats are produced in Spain. This had lead to a range that is rich and varied in terms of the profiles, production techniques, comfort and the appearance of new functions. All of them are hand-crafted , with upholstering following a traditional method. Our chairs and sofas are made with solid wood structures. The main parts are in beech and the secondary parts in pine. They are assembled with mortise and tenon joints. The legs are an integral part of the frame. Leg models vary depending on the chair and casters are sometime an option. Customer may choose the colours and finish to harmonize with their interiors

The collection is produced in Zaragoza (Spain).

Maries Corner ORIGINALS Full

This family of seats and accessories is developed by Marie’s Corner in Europe. You will find here all finishing related to this family.

Upholstering Jackson


Seats 1 Collection

Download MC Originals Wood Seat 1 (pdf v1.5)


Seats 2 Collection

Note : Color American Walnut Naturel is only available for the chairs Belmont, Carson and Fillmore.

Download MC Originals Wood Seats 2 (pdf v1.5)


Download MC Originals Metal Feet (pdf v1.7)


Download MC Originals Table Top (pdf v1.6)


Download MC Originals Nails (pdf v1.7.1)


Most of MC Originals models are stitched in Standard stitching by default. Depending on the model, you can switch to another MC Originals special stitching. Please refer to each product page to discover the availability.
Note : Choosing another stitching than Standard Stitching will imply a surcharge.

Download MC Originals Stitching (pdf v1.5)


Download MC Originals Thread (pdf v1.5)


For some seats from our collection, you can choose the shape of the legs. Here are the different styles.

Download MC Originals Legs (pdf v1.5)

TABLES WOOD Collection

Oak (= Seats 2)

Download MC Originals Wood Seats 2 (pdf v1.5)

Massive Wood

Download MC Originals Massive Wood (pdf v1.5)