How to Reinvent Your Christmas Decorations

Home alone for christmas? Well, this year, it looks like we all will be! Left with no options but to spend the festive season between four walls, we thought we’d give you some extra inspiration to give your house the christmas glow it still deserves. Fill in the space with great vibes and wish 2020 farewell with class and a hint of poetry.

Maries Corner Blog Christmas Chapter 1 Season To Decorate

‘Tis the season to decorate!

Although you will be enjoying your Christmas wonderland very privately this year, we strongly recommend you do as if the world hadn’t stopped last March and you still had a shot at making the most wonderful time of the year an actual wonderful time… Therefore, let us take you through the main rooms of your home and suggest what could balance out the absence of visitors on Christmas day this year (except for Santa, of course).

Greens that don’t have to be green

Greenery is this year’s magic word and it starts right in your hallway. The first room you hit when entering your home, the hall is the perfect place to treat yourself with a Christmassy look. Whether the radio is playing Mariah Carey’s timeless “All I want for Xmas is you” or not, what could definitely make that room special is a vase, or several vases, carrying a few heathers (such as tainted Asparagus) or even an assortment of perennial flower or branches. All of these can be found in nature or through your favourite floral artist. Top these compositions with artificial snow if you wish, and you got yourself a whole seasonal mood to welcome you every time you cross your doorstep. Talking about the doorstep, how about treating your door with a colourful flower crown?

Illustration : © Hortense Toussaint/ @horty_poetry

Maries Corner Blog Christmas Chapter 2 Trees Ceilings

Sometimes, trees do grow on ceilings

In the living room, in lieu of the traditional Christmas tree, dare for instance a suspended flower arrangement, hanging from the ceiling, made of branches and various plants, crossed by a garland of indispensable fairy lights, that remain today and forever the symbol of this special time of the year. Create an inverted v-shaped floral composition made of colours or simply greens, that departs from above and points out to your floor. To get this suspended masterpiece going, let your imagination flow or give your favorite floral artist a call!

Maries Corner Blog Christmas Chapter 3 White Christmas

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas….

If you can’t picture your Christmas without its traditional tree, try a flocked tree, coated with a flashy paint such as vermilion red or even white. Hang on it a few cinnamon sticks tied with raffia, dried oranges or whatever quirky item you can think of that could divert from the usual Christmas ornaments to add a very personal touch to your special tree.

Don’t forget the light!

Also an amazing source of light and scent, candles are most welcome on your coffee table at this time of the year. The Baobab collection is amongst our favourite. No doubt you will find your happiness in their vast collection. Look for the colours and scents that make you happy and that will do!

Maries Corner Blog Christmas Chapter 4 Perfect Table

The perfect Christmas table

To make your Christmas lunch or dinner ooze with chic, leave the silverware in your cabinet and opt for a completely alternative style: mismatched plates are a must, as well as a set of contemporary yet different-looking footed glasses, with, for instance, coloured feet. As for cutlery, a flowery silverware or a more sober set with a warm wooden handle can bring a fresh or cosy look to the whole picture. At the center of the table, drop the traditional chandelier and put your creativity at play manufacturing candle centerpieces, a back-in-style pot-pourri or even a vase carrying coloured Asparagus, adding a vibrant detail to the show.

Illustration : © Hortense Toussaint / @horty_poetry
Floral compositions for the floral artist Hortense Toussaint.

Maries Corner Blog Christmas Chapter 5 Wool

Cosy up with some wool

Back to the couch area, while the fire is gently crackling, enjoy some quality festive time nestled in your couch, covered in some fur, but not just any fur. We love a sheepskin-looking plaid made with curly wool. You can even imagine laying one of these on each seat surrounding your Christmas table to fully embrace a nordic cozy look. On the floor, mohair will look splendid, in an off-white tone that keeps on carrying the spirit of your favourite time of the year.


Hortense Toussaint, floral artist – / Instagram: @horty_poetry

A festive thank you to Xavier Hardenne, interior designer in our Marie’s Corner Project Store located rue de Namur, 39 – 1000 Brussels for the inspiration.