Mc Rent Box
Renting generation
Marie’s Corner steers a course for innovation and enlarges its tailor-made offer with renting in order to meet the needs of its professional customers.
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Because change equals seduction.
Because the trend is set for flexibility.
Because successful companies no longer buy, they rent !

In the offer there is another offer

Marie’s Corner production absolutely needs to be attributed to the storytelling and the tailor-made requests of the customer.

Marie’s Corner breaks the codes by adding, to its regular direct sales offers:

Proposal for renting
Supported by an on-site maintenance service, both original and inspiring.

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Mc Rent Models
More than 200 models available
The rental is valid on all models in our catalog.
Marie's Corner Reference Vandervalk Hotel 10
Welcome in tomorrow’s world
Something to get used to. Something to improve the experience. Something to offer a framework that represents who we are. Something to share our moods. And to change them.
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Accessibility and versatility

By granting a genuine versatility on the budgetary management, the possibility to rent makes it possible to say YES to all desires of the interior architects, the designers and decorators, even at the end of the building project.

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Mc Rent Inspirational
Simple rent to pay
It’s a way to stay free, to bring to life interiors that are even more personalised, to communicate with emotions, to keep one step ahead.
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When you do no longer need to worry about the state of wear and tear of your furniture, the experience becomes even more harmonious.

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Mc Rent Maintenance
On-site maintenance
Permanent assistance guarantee, quality at the highest level. Different type of maintenance are available. You choose what you want.