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Interview opportunities on 24 and 25 January with the designers Laetitia Zichy-Low and Jacques Deneef in the Marie’s Corner booth, Hall XX, no. XX.
To make an appointment kindly call + 32 495 22 07 92 (Caracas PR).

The market leader for seats and sofas that are “made in Belgium” seems to have an increasingly cosmopolitan mindset and approach. Marie’s Corner’s new collection for 2014 perfectly embodies the evolution of this solid and reliable Belgian company whose designs are increasingly used in major architectural projects in Belgium and abroad while constantly focussing on the development of its residential market segment.


Each piece is conceived and designed by Laetitia Zichy-Low and Jacques Deneef and is unique. The seats and sofas are hand-made, either in Spain or in the United States, in regions which have a long-standing tradition of artisan upholstery. The brand’s personality, strength and balance are founded on an artful mix of styles and influences.  The designers mix and adapt eclectic elements, using traditional British, Scandinavian and American furniture as a source of inspiration.  At the same time, Marie’s Corner also reflects the globalisation of the market in which it operates, insofar that it integrates traditional know-how and respects the economic cultures of the regions where its workshops are located (for example, recycling in the United States).  All these influences have helped the brand achieve this level of excellence as creation can only exist thanks to the wealth of input of the other…

Listening to the market

Trends that are linked to our contemporary lifestyle also inspire the brand. The popularity of modular sofas for example, which can be adapted in function of our needs or even the growing success of the sofa bed are just one example. The Marie’s Corner collections are also used in hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and some of the most trendy bars around the world where they help create a “homely”, cosy atmosphere, which today’s clientele appreciates and seeks out. The seats and sofas of the Belgian brand are designed to fit all personalities and cater to everyone’s needs. The most demanding architects and interiors decorators in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Russia have already fallen for their charms.

Smart yet casual

Over the past twenty years the Marie’s Corner style has managed to preserve the core values on which the brand was built. These values are defined as follows: hybrid, cosmopolitan and sustainable. Over time the brand has consequently succeeded in creating unique collections, paring down their designs to the strict essentials. The collections are coordinated by Laetitia Zichy-Low and Jacques Deneef, who have helped turn Marie’s Corner into a Belgian design reference thanks to their open-minded approach to life and their smart yet casual lifestyle.

The Marie’s Corner families

The “families” concept was developed gradually, featuring “series” of seats and sofas. These are the outcome of extensive aesthetic and formal research. As the designs matured over time the families came together gradually. These “families” are perfectly in tune with the principles of sustainable developments. These sofas and seats were made to last. Because they can be reupholstered they can have a second, or even a third life. The style families, which over the years have been extended to include an armchair, a sofa and an ottoman, all are quite consistent.  Each family (and there are about ten in all) has its own unique and identifiable style and signature which is easy to recognise.
There are several bestsellers. The iconic Jamestown sofa in the Jackson family for example pairs comfort with aesthetics, thanks to the lush back cushions and its minimalist and sleek base.  Fans of a more traditional style will adore the classic chic Westfield and Broadway families. Georgia and the Georgetown chaise longue provide voluptuous comfort and couture style. The Liberty family, meanwhile, is covered right down to the feet and is particularly popular in “cosy” interiors. Oakland’s originality resides in its design, its quality and its simplicity while Dartmouth and Judd have a nice straight back, providing support for people who are concerned about posture.  Contemporary and innovative Henderson provides a different take on the traditional Chesterfield design and is bound to appeal to lovers of a “British touch”.  Bradford has nice proportions for a highly contemporary sofa. Thomasville combines several soft cushions with a very modern style thanks to the extreme simplicity of its design and structure. Other families include Flint, Dallas, El Paso (a bestseller in the United States) and California (a collection of seats and sofas with a wood frame).

A signature finish

At Marie’s Corner however a stunning visual design and unparalleled comfort are not the only criteria for their sofas, armchairs and enclosed chairs.  The brand is widely renowned for its rigorous attention to detail and the high level of quality of its products. The items for Europe (70% of overall production) are manufactured in Spain, near Zaragoza. The workshop employs twenty people. The region has a long-standing tradition of furniture manufacturing and is widely reputed for its traditional know-how (wooden frames are still exclusively assembled with mortise and tenon joinery) and its expertise in terms of upholstery.

The American production (about 20 models) is located in North Carolina, a forested region which used to supply 60% of American furniture in the past. In the United States the basic ingredients are the same. The manufacturing process is in keeping with environmental protection standards. The plant uses 100% recycled fibre and soy-based foam of the highest quality for upholstering cushions, wood from local certified sustainable (oak and maple) forests and coil springs which are made of 80% recycled metal. All the seats and sofas are covered with high quality Belgian or Italian fabrics (linen, cotton, wool, velvet, tweed or leather) in a wide range of refined colours that are rather minimalist and stylish.

NEW IN 2014

As usual the 2014 collection combines functionality, aesthetics and creativity. The Gwinnett and Lawrence sofas are the new models of this year. The design once again reflects the design research that is so typical of Marie’s Corner but their real originality lies in the innovative approach to the base. The traditional cushions have been replaced with a thin feather mattress that is very soft and comfortable. Its crumpled and nonchalant appearance adds a reassuring, familiar touch to these sofas, giving them a lived-in feel, which is very popular with consumers in these uncertain times. The sofas come in two-, three- or four-seat versions but an armchair version is also available.

In the modular sofas category (a strong trend which is still growing) Marie’s Corner has created Hamlet. With its geometric, simple and timeless style, which is so popular with today’s modernist architects and interior decorators, Hamlet combines comfort and versatility in a perfect design. There are ten modules in the Hamlet family (armchair, two or three-seat sofa, corner, chaise longue, ottoman and daybed) meaning it can be adapted to any space.

A new enclosed chair, with a visible oak frame, called Pinhurst, has also been added to the collection.

The residential sector as well as the hotel industry will be very happy that a Nicholls sofa bed with variable dimensions is now also available.

This year Marie’s Corner also launches a chair with a bold design called Duke, the first member of a new family. Duke was inspired by bistro chairs and is very comfortable, thanks to the round thick seat and the foam backrest (instead of a wood frame).

The Manchester family has expanded with Modesto, a low booster seat that can be easily incorporated in any interior.

The Anniston Swivel is another striking newcomer and is fitted with the swivel mechanism that the Americans love so much and which is becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

Two large upholstered ottomans, called Erwin (available in a round and an oval version), have been added to the Collin line and come in five different sizes.

The elegant and comfortable high Denver-T bar chair is a natural addition to the Denver family.

The Monroe chair, with or without nail heads, has a vintage look to it and is super compact meaning it perfectly fits in small spaces. The more dynamic design of Joplin combines several style influences.

The colours of the new collection, beige, greige, grey and tobacco, add a minimalist look and feel to the collection, as well as a traditional touch. Petrol blue and anise green by contrast will look perfect in more colourful interiors, whether in a home or in public spaces.

The star of the new collection is patchwork. This iconic recycling concept, which was so popular in the Sixties and Seventies is currently making a comeback, in fashion, accessories and interior decoration. Besides its aesthetic appeal patchwork also has the advantage that you can recycle fabrics, which is in keeping with the principles of sustainable development. In the interior decoration industry Marie’s Corner is the first brand to use patchwork for the upholstery of its products. The patchwork is purchased in France from a specialised company and the upholstery is done in Spain and the United States. Two exclusive models will be presented at the upcoming Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris. The Anniston chair has been covered with a suede patchwork, in tan colours and combined with a round ottoman. The Franklin chair in denim patchwork comes with a square ottoman called Bag.

Design for living

Marie’s Corner has supplemented its seats and sofa range with tables, which is perfectly consistent with the brand’s philosophy of leisure and relaxation. The oak, olive wood or walnut tables combine simple timeless designs with sleek square shapes or rounded, more organic shapes. They look perfect in any environment, whether in a home or in a public space. Marie’s Corner has also developed small accent furniture (to be used for books and magazines), with a design in the same vein as the tables. This year a screen has been added to the Floyd family.

Outdoor furniture

Marie’s Corner recently introduced an original line of outdoor furniture. The values of this collection are the same as for the indoor collections, i.e. a refined aesthetic, an exclusive finish and timeless and classic designs. The various models of sofas, armchairs and ottomans (Laguna, Santa Monica, Venice, Del Mar) are all manufactured according to the same high criteria and based on the same excellent know-how. They all are available in the same material: “Sunbrella” is a very strong and durable material (water, moisture and UV proof), which is pleasant to sit in.


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