Press Kit : Marie’s Corner Basics

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Facebook, Identity, Logotype, Pdf, Pictures Gallery, Pinterest.

Files to download

Useful links

MC Project Store

Sylvie & Benoit
39, rue de Namur - 1050 Brussels - Belgium
[email protected]

Marie's Corner Showroom

20, avenue Edison - 1300 Wavre - Belgium
[email protected]

Press Contact

Ariane Abramowicz & Nathanaël Picas

Ariane & Nathanaël
202, Av. de Messidor - 1180 Brussels - Belgium
[email protected]

Please find here a few informations you might need if you plan to communicate about Marie’s Corner.

In the attached files of this post

  • there’s first our logo in EPS,
  • a bullet-points presentation with facts about Marie’s Corner (a good summary).

If you need pictures

Marie’s Corner has a dedicated image bank on http://www.mcpictures.be/mcgallery/). Register to this imagebank and get access to a selection of images you can use for your publications.
If you don’t find what you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will try to satisfy your request.

Social network

As a company can’t live without contacts, we opened this year a Facebook page and a Pinterest boards, feel free to like, comment and repin them.