Press Kit : Marie’s Corner’s Logotype and Colours

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199, CMYK, Logotype, Marie's Corner's Colors, Pantone, RGB.

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MC Project Store

Sylvie & Benoit
39, rue de Namur - 1050 Brussels - Belgium
[email protected]

Marie's Corner Showroom

20, avenue Edison - 1300 Wavre - Belgium
[email protected]

Press Contact

Ariane Abramowicz & Nathanaël Picas

Ariane & Nathanaël
202, Av. de Messidor - 1180 Brussels - Belgium
[email protected]

As the eloquent title, this short post concern the logotype and colours of Marie’s Corner. You will find here a zip file containing a set of Marie’s Corner’s Logotypes in EPS, PDF, GIF, PNG. Please don’t recreate our logo by yourself, use the original logo.

Marie's Corner Official Logotype

Recently (since 2016), to distinguish our collections and applications of our tools, we apply a new addition to the left of our logo we call it the “MC” composed of a white background (not bordered if used over a dark background), the initials “mc” and the theme of the application below with a red script font. This use of the “mc” is reserved to Marie’s Corner and need approbation to be used out of our own communication.  These logotypes are not in the set of Marie’s Corner logo

Here are some example of the “mc” with the Marie’s Corner logo :


Actual typefaces used for our communication are Scala Sans for the logotype (only) and Helvetica Neue (light and ultra-light or as light as possible) for the rest of our communication.

For the “mc” part of the logo (see above), the red typeface used is Dear Joe 5 Casual.

Marie’s Corner’s Colours

Logotype : The pure white for the type and the Pantone 199 for the red rectangle background.
Here are the conversion of coated colors :
CMYK : 0 100 72 0
RGB : 213 0 50
HTML : #D50032
Lab : 46.80 74.06 40.18

Communication Colors : Pantone 199C, White and Black.

“mc” : the two initials mc colour is a Pantone 426.
CMYK : 41 28 22 70
RGB : 72 77 82
HTML : #484d52