Press Kit : Marie’s Corner’s Pictures Gallery

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Useful links

MC Project Store

Sylvie & Benoit
39, rue de Namur - 1050 Brussels - Belgium
[email protected]

Marie's Corner Showroom

20, avenue Edison - 1300 Wavre - Belgium
[email protected]

Press Contact

Ariane Abramowicz & Nathanaël Picas

Ariane & Nathanaël
202, Av. de Messidor - 1180 Brussels - Belgium
[email protected]

Marie’s Corner provide an images gallery to everyone who need high definition visuals of Marie’s Corner. The gallery is an external website (http://www.mcpictures.be/mcgallery/) totally independent from www.mariescorner.com.
For security reasons, we decided to protect a part of our visuals. Some are available for anybody another part need for you to be registered and others are available on demand.

How to get pictures?

  1. Go to this url : http://www.mcpictures.be/mcgallery/
  2. A basic set of pictures is already available. If it’s already enough for you, there’s no need to register, go to step 5.
  3. If you need more pictures, register by clicking on ‘register word’ in the ‘Identification’ frame of the pictures gallery or by clicking this link : http://www.mcpictures.be/mcgallery//register.php
  4. Once registered, fill the ‘Identification’ frame form
    Pictures Gallery Identification form
  5. You should now see a larger panel of albums. Click on one album and dig in sub-albums until you find the pictures you need.
  6. When you get the one image view, then click the center of the image to download the HD file (or right click). If this doesn’t work for you, click on the small icon (Floppy Disk Icon representing a floppy disk) above the image.

As said before, even registered, we keep some visuals unavailable. If you need more or if you need a particular image, don’t hesitate to ask for it by filling the contact form.