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This iconic concept of recycling in Sixties and Seventies is making a comeback, in fashion, accessories and interior decoration.


The market leader for seats and sofas that are “made in Belgium” is creating collections that are increasingly cosmopolitan. Marie’s Corner’s new collection for 2014 perfectly embodies the evolution of this solid Belgian company which is increasingly called on to participate in major architectural projects in Belgium and abroad while focussing on the development of its residential market segment.   The star in this year’s collection is patchwork, which used as a fabric to cover the Marie’s Corner seats and sofas.


This iconic concept of recycling in Sixties and Seventies is making a comeback, in fashion, accessories and interior decoration. Besides its aesthetic appeal patchwork also has the advantage that you can recycle fabrics, which is in keeping with the principles of sustainable production. In the interior decoration industry Marie’s Corner is the first brand to use patchwork for the upholstery of its products. The patchwork is purchased in France from a specialised company and the upholstery is done in Spain and the United States. Two exclusive models will be presented at the upcoming Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris. The Anniston chair has been covered with a suede patchwork, in tan colours and combined with a round ottoman. The Franklin chair in denim patchwork comes with a square ottoman called Bag.

U-CLIFE, the first producer of fabrics and materials made of clothes that were collected and selected (France)

U-CLIFE is the first producer of fabrics and materials made of clothes that were collected and selected. The company was established two years ago and is based in Rouen (France). U-CLIFE has developed a highly creative and ecological concept, selling carefully selected fabrics that are perfectly in tune with the expectations of consumers in general and fashion-conscious consumers in particular.

Made of old clothes that are globally sourced the U-CLIFE fabrics are manufactured in France and in Tunisia.  The fabrics are then sold to manufacturers and designers of decoration, furnishings, accessories or clothing. U-CLIFE’s clients for the most part are high-end brands whose product designs focus heavily on creation and innovation. U-CLIFE can offer these clients different and authentic materials for creating their collections and providing their customers premium and unique products (e.g.; espadrilles made of printed sweatshirts, flannel plaids, denim cushions and tote bags, trousers made of blue overalls, tweed cuddly toys, fur handbags or leather sofas and so on).

Marie’s Corner 2014: smart yet casual

In the last twenty years the Marie’s Corner style has managed to preserve the values on which the brand was built. These are: hybrid, cosmopolitan and durable. Over time the brand has succeeded in creating unique collections, paring down their designs to the strict essentials. The collections are coordinated by Laetitia Zichy-Low and Jacques Deneef, who have helped make Marie’s Corner a Belgian design reference with their open world view and their smart yet casual lifestyle.


Each piece is conceived and designed by Laetitia Zichy-Low and Jacques Deneef and is unique. The seats and sofas are hand-made, either in Spain or the United States, in regions which have a long-standing tradition of upholstery or the art of upholstery. The brand’s personality, strength and balance are founded on an artful mix of styles and influences.  The designers mix and interpret eclectic elements, using traditional British, Scandinavian and American furniture as a source of inspiration.  At the same time, Marie’s Corner also reflects the globalisation of the market in which it operates, insofar that it integrates traditional know-how and respects the economic cultures of the regions where it has its workshops (for example, recycling in the United States). All these influences have helped the brand achieve this level of excellence as creation can only exist thanks to the wealth of others…

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