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Technical info

Beechwood frame. Stretch belts seat and back. Feet: metal or beechwood.
Seat cushions: polyurethane foam hr 40 kg. Back and arm cushions: fibre and micro-fibre.


  Name Width
Cushion Fabric
seat back extra
140 LF140 LF14090854560117.5
140 RF140 RF14090854560117.5
180 A LF180 A LF18090854560118
180 A RF180 A RF18090854560118
180 B LF180 B LF18090854560121(arm cushion 60cm)8.5
180 B RF180 B RF18090854560121(arm cushion 60cm)8.5
180 Pouf LF180 Pouf LF18090854560217
180 pouf RF180 pouf RF18090854560217
20020020090854563122(arm cushions 60cm)11
24024024090854560222(arm cushions 60cm)13
240 B LF240 B LF24090854560221(arm cushions 60cm)11
240 B RF240 B RF24090854560221(arm cushions 60cm)11
240 pouf LF240 pouf LF24090854560211(arm cushions 60cm)10
240 pouf RF240 pouf RF24090854560211(arm cushions 60cm)10
28028028090854560222(arm cushions 60cm)15

Option : cushion.


Optional finishings available

Virginia is also available with the following finishings :

woods available on Virginia

colors : Metal Feet
colors : Seats Beech

stitching available on Virginia