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BFO, the first independent consulting firm for private wealth in Belgium…

Since 2002, more than 500 families of entrepreneurs, freelancers and liberal professions have opted for independent advice from BFO for the creation, protection and transmission of their personal wealth:  investments, real-estate, taxation, insurance, pension, inheritance, etc. 

BFO’s expertise is based on 4 pillars:  the creation, protection, fiscal optimization and transmission (inheritance) of private wealth. 

In another line of business, Marie’s Corner has here cooperated in the fitting out of BFO’s contact offices. This is a very fine project in a very pure space, where the architect Evelyn Moreels worked in a simple, human and luxurious manner.  The balance and choice of finishing works help create an atmosphere of security and well-being.

The models selected are:  Washington and Key West sofas, Pittsburgh, Flint, Newark, Anderson, and Nashville armchairs, Denver chairs, Fillmore stools, Bandana and El Paso poufs. 161 items in all were made and given combined finishing with fabrics from Marie’s Corner and from the customer.

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Produced Models

For this case, Marie's Corner produced these models :