Chalet Mont Tremblant

Private Company
Meribel - France
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One of the most luxurious chalets in Meribel, Mont Tremblant boasts a mind-boggling view of the mountains and a calm, serene atmosphere. Stéphane Couyoumdjian, responsible for the interior design, has imagined a narrative design to create a coherent universe.
Bringing out the best of contemporary creativity through its fluid spaces and a stylised art of living, this smart and luxurious design favours a harmonious coexistence between the warm and vintage spirit of the walls and contemporary elements. Simplicity and good taste hit just the right notes, especially when Marie’s Corner is the one to celebrate them! In the cosy cocoon of rooms furnished with boldness and good taste, the Marie’s Corner headboards, sofas, and chairs create singular worlds that allow the mind to wander. Chosen in collaboration with the “Les Affranchis à Chambéry” interior design firm from among over 200 available models, these furnishings are the gold standards in design.
The New-York and Dakota couches, the Kansas sofa bed, the Anniston and Flint armchairs, the Malcolm chairs and the Lenox stool, characterised by their controlled choice of lines, contribute to a luxurious but not ostentatious environment. These key products combine the customer’s fabrics with the traditional expertise of the qualified artisans of Marie’s Corner.

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