Patchwork Coworking

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Paris - France
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Marie’s Corner has added a new collaboration to its list of prestigious  partnerships. After luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants, the specialist  in tailor-made sofas is now entering the world of coworking with  Patchwork. Mikael Benfredj, founder of the Parisian coworking spaces,  called on the Belgian company to furnish his new space in Saint-Lazare,  located in the 8th arrondissement in Paris. Marie’s Corner teamed up with  interior designer Pascale Bensoussan to create a coherent, warm and  work-friendly atmosphere. A new opportunity for the sofa specialist to  showcase Belgian craftsmanship and design in the French capital!

It is with this direction in mind that Mikael Benfredj founded Patchwork  in 2017.
It was an immediate success! He soon opened several additional locations  in the heart of Paris.
Dedicated to everyone (including start-ups, decorators and architects),  his coworking spaces stand out from the competition by offering several  top-of-the-range services. Mikael Benfredj and his business partner Jordan  Chiche design their spaces to embody both comfort and design in order to  bring modernity to their interiors. The Parisian company defines itself as  “an upscale environment where everyone feels at home”. Working with  Marie’s Corner was the logical next step to ensure unparalleled comfort in  an elegant setting!
With the expert advice of interior designer Pascale Bensoussan, the  Belgian company could not fail to add a sophisticated and welcoming touch  to these places dedicated to work.

The “tailor-made” sofa specialist supplied the furniture for the  “Saint-Lazare” Patchwork located near the eponymous train station.
The establishment, which opened in summer 2019, is home to the most  beautiful pieces of the collection: the Sullivan sofa, the Collin and  Alvin poufs and the Tennessee corner sofa. The Pebble coffee tables are a  perfect match for the Galveston and Ashton armchairs, while the sleek  curves of the emblematic Virginia sofa and the Santa Fe pouf imbue the  space with a unique atmosphere.
The Belgian brand’s artisanal and modern spirit corresponds in every way  to the creative and warm environment that the French company aims to  convey.

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