Sel Gris

Duinbergen - Belgium
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Sel Gris is located behind the Duinbergen sea dike, not far from the last tuft of dunes.  The restaurant looks onto the beach and the sea.  Sober yet luxurious, the contemporary interior is in different shades of gray.  Frederik Deceuninck was an assistant chef at the Karmeliet for two years, and underchef in the Jardin tropical, a restaurant on the coast, for three years.  After a seven month stay at the Pastorale in Reet, he decided to make his dream come true, i.e. to open his own restaurant where diners could enjoy gourmet food at affordable prices. 

This is how Sel Gris came into being.

For this project, Marie’s Corner responded to the call of the architects for seating that provides uncompromising comfort for an exceptional culinary experience commensurate with this subtle restaurant concept.

Concurrently classic and dynamic, the jack-c chairs fit perfectly with the meticulous and stylish architectural concept of the premises.

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