What’s you sofa type ?

A personality quizz to help you choose the perfect sofa match.

2020 has made it very clear: owning a backyard is a must, and so is choosing your next sofa according to higher standards of comfort. Why ? Because you never know how long you will be forced to spend on it… To help you find the perfect sofa match, Maries Corner breaks down for you the sofa world in 5 categories, likely to match 5 different types of personality. Which one of them are you ? Let’s find out.

20201104 Maries Corner Blog Tennessee Netfilx And Chill

1. The « Netflix and chill »

If you are a grade A homelover or the type of person who lives
by the motto « home is where the sofa is »
, you have got to go
for a sofa with a daybed or meridienne. Look for a super soft seat and cushions (foam and feathers) and a meridienne so large that it becomes a love seat, perfect spot to give in to endless couch cuddles, hugging your partner… or the pillows.

The good news is we have something in store for you that fits the description: our sectional sofa TENNESSEE. Extensible at will, it looks extra cozy in its 2-seat section + large love seat version. Any other combination of sections is, of course, available, in any fabric
you please.

20201104 Maries Corner Blog Sullivan Dress To Impress

2. The « Dress to impress »

Do you want your furniture to be as sexy as your designer clothes ?

Are you the kind of person who buys the shoes, knowing they’re not quite your size but are just too gorgeous to not be bought ?

If you’ve ticked the YES box on those two questions, high are the chances you belong exactly here and will fall head over heels with the sofas we are about to introduce you to… A real chameleon, the SULLIVAN looks stunning in any pattern or type of fabric. It’s definitely got the contemporary architect vibe that makes the room and its hosts feel smarter.

We love it in a chocolate/aubergine tone, with the edgy detail of a Hermès orange piping.

To reach design climax, add a second SULLIVAN, facing the other, or our GLENDALE armchair that will make you want to catwalk everyday through this fashion-worthy decorum.

20201104 Maries Corner Blog Vegas Another Fashionista

Another fashionista amongst our hand made wonderful sofas, the VEGAS lies somewhere between a sofa version of Jessica Rabbit, Lana del Rey and Lady Gaga…

Indeed, it combines at once a velvet glove for a sensual touch, a timeless class, and a sense of vintage-striken avant-guarde that might transform your guests in a bunch of envious paparazzi.

A large 2-seater, it is also a great visual aid to fix the dynamics of spaces with irregular angles and corners.

Maries Corner Sofa Vegas Front
20201104 Maries Corner Blog Virginia Dakota Kondo

3. The « Marie’s Kondo »

If sage is your friend, candles are your sisters and Feng Shui is the master of your home, you might want to opt for a sectional sofa.

Why ? Because it gives you the option to rearrange its sections according to your mood, the moon or any fluctuating elementthat is always trying to kill your buzz.

So before you kiss your old sofa goodbye and thank him for his loyal service, we shall tell you about two of our favourite sectional sofas : the VIRGINIA and the DAKOTA models.

Featuring more sections than you could dream of, waiting to be assembled and disassembled as your energy pleases, both these sectionals share comfort and flexibility as their main traits, hence gifted with the ability to enhance the positive flux in your home.

A dream for all space-sensitive minds and bodies that will spare your feelings at all times.

20201104 Maries Corner Blog Tennessee The Family Guy

4. The « Family guy »

Your family – dogs, cats and unicorns included – has made the sofa the headquater of your home ?

You play, jump, nap, eat, drink, pet the pets on and around it, which makes it a high-activity zone, subject to high risks of stains, smells and never-leaving-the-couch syndrom ?

In that case, we need to warn you that there is no happy ending to your sofa love story unless you get to know one of our wonderful corner pieces.

The TENNESSEE sectional features three different corner sections you can choose from : a curved 60° or 90° section or a regular right-angled one.

And the fun does not end here : all its cushions have removable covers that can be washed. The fabric-covered pieces of the structure have aqua-clean properties and are washable with our anti-stain special cure.

20201104 Maries Corner Blog Hamlet The Sean Connery 1

5. The « Sean Connery »

You never leave the house without an umbrella, love your classics, never miss the news and think social media is overrated ?

Ok, we get the picture and know what the perfect sofa is for you !

Leather is the fabric and HAMLET is the model.

Lovely in its brown skin, this 2 or 3 seater, with or without a daybed, is the answer to your needs of a classic steady element in the room you have labelled as your peace and quiet harbour.

6. Drum roll : the results